The AI industry is expected to cross 200 Billion USD by 2025. Discover and equip yourself with the highest level of expertise in the field of AI from Experts who transformed thousands of Careers

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Sherin Thomas, the Senior Deep Learning Consultant, Author, Coach.
Author of PyTorch Deep Learning Hands-On 
& an international speaker known in the deep learning community for the work on standardizing deep learning infrastructure implementation.
 Currently working on several open-source projects including PyTorch, RedisAI, and many more, and leads the development of along with building the deep learning infrastructure for [tensor]werk, an Orobix spin-off company
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"FSEai offers great training. It covers wide ranging topics in the areas of AI and ML from basics to advanced levels which are deep rooted and helpful for beginners and professionals alike. I personally recommend this course to anyone seeking to upgrade his/her career." 
Thoufar Basheer - Working Professional
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"I feel very proud that I was recommended to FSEai by a classmate who was recently trained by FSEai. The in-depth knowledge of the trainers and their ability to train simplistically on the nuances of AI and ML is very impressive. Learning with FESai was fun and the training techniques were very application-oriented. FSEai is the best learning hub for anyone who plans to associate with AI or ML-based technology for a career in the future. Thanks FSEai for giving me a pathway and rekindling my passion for AI and ML." 
Sneha Grace Abraham - Engineering Student
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"I have been thinking of a career in AI and ML for a long time but training from a creditable institution was my major concern. When I joined FSEai I felt it was the best place ever for AI training. The trainers are too friendly and dedicated. It never felt like a typical training program, rather it was a hands-on training experience. I loved my training at FSEai and anyone who wants to train on AI needs to look no further. FSEai is the answer to their quest." 
Ajay - Engineer
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